14/11/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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That it from us, have a very good We have now got the FA. Later


tonight and tomorrow two main areas of dense fog. Worth checking on BBC


local radio before travelling. It becomes more expensive overnight in


central areas. Low cloud in the Channel into the south. Further


north, drizzle heading south of the border allowing fog to form in


central Scotland. It is cold in many areas. It does mean tomorrow,


they should be some sunshine in the north-east of Scotland. In central


Scotland including of the lowlands, it could be foggy in the rush hour.


Resort south of the border. Across northern England fog will be more


patchy but more extensive fog across the Midlands. Possibly into


East Anglia. It could possibly lift into low cloud for a while. Not so


much farther across southern counties of England. But still grey


and gloomy. Fog through the Midlands likely to affect the A40


and the Five Star and it will stretch into parts of Wales. West


Wales, might be more sheltered. Northern Ireland will have a lot of


cloud and damp and drizzle. Light rain and drizzle will push back


into central Scotland eventually lifting the FA. Slow improvement


for England and Wales. Sunny spells a galloping in northern England. A


cloudy day for southern England and colder than today. Temperatures


will be nearer six degrees. On Friday, not as much fog by Friday


morning. Most of it will be in the north-east. Still very cloudy. The


south-east might brighten up for a while. Further north and west there


will be drizzle developing. It is this weather front that will turn


the rain heavier overnight and sweet East over the UK. A brief


ridge of high pressure but wet and windy weather looming for the start


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