15/11/2012 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Well, if Jaap had a dull day, let the lift the gloom. -


- if you have had. We will all see some sunshine over the weekend, but


the next 24 hours looks a bit dreary. Fog over north-east England


and the sting Leanne Male lift, but the cloud across southern England


were lower down on to the hills. -- and eastern England may lift. Not


much brightness tomorrow, to be brutally honest, some across


southern Scotland and northern England, later across the far


south-east, but generally cloudy, and rain will turn more extensive


across a good part of Scotland through the day. The rain heading


into most of Northern Ireland, too. Still some brightness hanging on


across the borders. Meanwhile, much of the Midlands, Eastern England,


Southern Counties staying dry, a hint of brightness across the far


south-east, but the cloud will thicken across the south-west and


rain developing in his own through south-west England up through Wales


towards the heart of England as we go through tomorrow evening,


potentially heavy pulses of rain developing. That will start to head


further eastwards through tomorrow night into Saturday morning,


joining forces with his belt of rain pushing out of Scotland and


Northern Ireland. These were the friends are going to move


southwards and eastwards through Saturday morning. -- these weather


front. Behind that, it clears up, with the sun coming out, and this


front is a dividing line between mild heir to the south-east,


temperatures up to 12 or 13. To the north and west, much colder with


the showers across Scotland staying at low levels. Saturday is a story


of the rain clearing away. As we look ahead to Sunday, clearer but


colder, a frosty start to the day, but that is the sunshine, a bright


and crisp start to the day on Sunday. The clear skies allow that


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