07/12/2012 BBC Weather


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Ellesse Coldfield two things tomorrow. On Sunday will win will


be picking up. The winds feel lighter. The showers will be fading


away. A very chilly night. A widespread frost and the risk of


icy patches. The worst of the ice will be in the north-east of


England and Scotland. Tomorrow go northern half of the UK will see


more cloud. Further south it will be a lovely day. Sunny spells in


the morning. Much lighter winds then we have seen of late. A lovely


afternoon in the south-west as well with plenty of sunshine. As you


find across most of Wales, the cloud in the north with the odd


spot of rain in the afternoon. A broken cloud and a bit of sunshine


in Northern Ireland. Maybe the odd shower on the north coast. Certain


the breezy in the West of Scotland. A little bit of rain around. It is


brighter near the Grampians. To the west of the Pennines, he could see


drizzle and low cloud. That will fade away as you go through the


evening. Saturday night, pretty decent in England and Wales. A bit


of rain gathering in Scotland. The winds will be picking up in the


early hours of Sunday. Relatively frost-free start to the day on


Sunday. It will be windy on Sunday, the winds coming down from the


north-west with a weather front. It is not particularly active but


there will be some rain in Scotland which will move south. Fairly


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