10/12/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. Clear skies and light wind is a recipe for tumbling


temperatures. And we have a frost in many places right now. There is


the risk of some icy patches and a dusting of snow. Further west it is


clearer and colder and we could have some patches of freezing fog


later in the night. In rural areas temperatures of minus four or five.


Tomorrow we start with some patchy fog. In Northern Ireland that


should not last too long. A lot of sunshine, a cold and crisp day in


Scotland. For the North East of England and down into East Anglia,


there could be a dusting of snow. The South East of England is cold


and crisp. They should not be too much fog here, that will be further


west. So the West Country is a foggy spot by the morning. These


areas could well keep freezing fog not just in the morning but into


the afternoon. Elsewhere the fog should be more patchy and we should


see the sunshine coming through. Fewer showers in the east. But cold


after that frosty start. Then overnight we get more fog


developing more widely across England and Wales. Some fog could


linger into the afternoon. Another cold day but plenty of sunshine.


High pressure will be relinquishing its grip. We will see a change with


these whether France streaming in from the Atlantic. -- weather


fronts. That means a big change later in the week. Over the next


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