11/12/2012 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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As temperatures have dropped sharply this evening, so the fog


has thickened up and become more extensive. The main fog areas will


be to the Midlands, with more fog across southern England into East


Anglia and into east Wales. Clearer skies elsewhere. Already it's cold


and frosty out there. The frost is widespread, like last night.we


could be down to minus six in the countryside. Minus 10 in the


highlands of Scotland. Icy patches over night and in the morning. The


fog is the main concern. That will be around for the rush-hour.


Difficult travelling conditions, not only on the roads, but further


disruption around the airports. All the details on the BBC local radio


and travel pages. Icy patches to southern counties with showers from


the channel. Mist, fog and low cloud to the south-east of England


and East Anglia. Murky start through the Midlands. There may be


snow falling out of this fog. Patchy fog in northern England,


mainly in the north-west, largely fog-free in Scotland. Frosty, but


icy with wintry showers to the north. Icy conditions in Cumbria.


Most of the fog in Wales will be in the east stretching into the west


country. The breeze will freshen and we should lift most of that fog.


A lot of fog, freezing fog, in the morning for the rush-hour for


central areas. Slowly lifting the fog and the low cloud. It could be


stubborn through parts of the East Midlands into the Home Counties.


Most places should see a little sunshine coming through. Another


cold day, like today. Later we will see rain to Northern Ireland. That


will graze the western isles of Scotland. Frosty start on Thursday,


not as much fog. It could be icy across southern counties of England.


Damper weather and flakes of snow. Most places will be dry and cold


with sunshine. All change at the end of the week. Thursday night the


wind will pick up ahead of this weather front that is driven across


the UK with that deep area of low pressure out to the west. Friday


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