12/12/2012 BBC Weather


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Breakfast. From everyone here, good It really did feel every bit as


cold as a live today. In some parts of the country, temperatures


remained below freezing all day. Birmingham, Lincoln, Oxford,


Glasgow, just above in Cardiff and Bristol. This is what we should get


at this time of year. There are some big changes to come but not


just yet. Tonight, already frosty. There is some patchy fog but


nowhere near as much as we had last night because we have areas of


cloud around. Some patches of fog for eastern England. Northern


Ireland, the cloud is keeping up the temperatures. Rain and drizzle


moving into Scotland, hitting frosty air. There will be some snow


are developing. Five centimetres around Glasgow. In the south, a


mixture of frost and fog. For the south-east, nowhere near as much


fog as we had this morning but it will be white and frosty. For the


south-west, maybe not quite as frosty here, because the breeze


will be blowing in cloud from time to time. The breeze will be picking


up around coastal areas. Inland, a frosty start, but little or no fog.


For Northern Ireland, milder to start. The cloud will be around in


the morning and the rain should have cleared away. We should get


sunshine coming through. Cloudy for a while, in Scotland. Sleet and


snow moving away from the central belt. Still some patchy fog a


lingering along the A1 through the Vale of York. It will be another


cold day. More cloud arriving in the south and milder air in the


south-west. Away from here, in the evening it will be very cold. And


potentially icy. As the wind picks up, we start to lift the


temperatures as well. By the time we get to Friday morning, it will


be wet and windy across Northern Ireland, Wales and the south-west.


Heavy rain combined with high tides. There could be local flooding. The


rain sweeps north and east, and there is the possibility of


blizzards in the Scottish mountains. It will take a while to turn milder


in the north and the temperatures will be much higher eventually in


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