17/01/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Most of the UK is covered by warnings of one colour or another.


Up to two inches of snow. In the Amber warning areas, 10 inches and


more over the hills. Parts of South Wales, 20-30 centimetres. The


weather pushing up from the south- west. The rain will turn to snow.


This double south-west England, then Wales and the Northern Ireland.


Light pockets of snow ahead of it. Already cold and frosty. Things


won't improve as we head into the rush hour tomorrow morning. Across


Cornwall there could be more rain and snow. But there the rest of the


South West, more snow to come. As we head to the Valleys, we had the


red warning. Some places could be cut off by the end of the day. The


wind pushing the snow north across Wales. Early in the day, the snow


is mostly in the south. Not too much fresh snow falling across


Scotland but the wind will introduce showers off the North Sea.


A frosty start across northern England at the recent snow falls.


Snow falling in East Anglia. At 8 am, most places still dry. It you


are travelling from the West through the snow, it will be tricky


as the snow works its way to the London area. Also developing across


East Anglia and the Midlands. Snow to come in Wales and Northern


Ireland. Further north, frequent snow showers coming into 0 East


England and eastern Scotland. Very few places escaping. The snow and


showers will continue during tomorrow night and into Saturday.


Particularly for the North. Could see a lot of snow across eastern


parts of Northern Ireland. And the north-eastern England where the


winds are stronger. Lighter showers to the south. It will remain cold


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