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Good evening. There is more snow in the forecast and some big changes


as well. Let's look back at what happened today. We got the heavy


snow earlier on in South Wales. Very heavy snow around Bristol and


into the Cotswolds. This evening there has been heady snow in


Northern Ireland. The snow has been pivoting northwards. It has turned


colder in Northern Ireland and frequent snow showers are going


into eastern Scotland. A change of emphasis overnight. The heavy snow


is more likely to be a cause more northern parts of the UK and we


have amber warnings from the Met Office. More snow for Northern


Ireland and frequent snow showers for Eastern Scotland and the North


of England. Elsewhere, we will see some further, light snow. Ice is


widespread. It will continue into the weekend. Saturday morning looks


like this. Still some quite heavy snow showers in Scotland. It should


have left Northern Ireland by the morning. Elsewhere across England


and Wales it is a very wintry mix. There will be like snow showers, a


covering of a centimetre or two is possible everywhere, falling on to


the frozen ground. As we head through Saturday, the showers in


the north-east of Scotland are easing down. There will be further


light showers elsewhere. Snow flurries into the afternoon. It


will be a cold, dark, winter's day. Given the wind, it will feel much


colder. On Sunday we are looking at the South, this area of low


pressure bringing some snow from France. That will be pushing into


the south-east of England by Sunday morning, heading up possibly into


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