23/01/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. You might be pleased to hear that the end of the cold


snap is in sight, but not one I tell you we will be replaced by


heavy rain, gale-force winds and some flooding. Let's stick with the


cold weather, and through the night, ice is the main hazard across the


UK. We have seen a bit more snow than expected today across central


and southern areas and there are more showers to come, but they will


fade away across the Midlands, Wales and southern England through


the night. Otherwise it is just cold, a few holes in the cloud.


Whether cloud clears, temperatures will drop. A fair bit of cloud


across southern parts, not dropping much beyond freezing. But even so


close enough for the risk of the ice extending in the early part of


the day. Generally a dry start, albeit cloudy. Where we have the


brakes, some cloak -- low temperatures, and that certainly


the case across the Scottish Highlands, and may be freezing fog


here and there. If you do get freezing fog it will struggle to


clear. But there are lots of positives about Thursdays weather.


It should be dry, so don't worry about snow, and more of the


sunshine breaking through, a welcome change after the grey skies


of recent days. But in the sunshine temperatures won't pick up much.


But they are only Peking just above freezing, and a cold night on


Thursday. Then battle commences on Friday. The Kohl there is sitting


around Europe and it will be attacked by a mild Atlantic air --


the cold air. To that is where we get the weather front and where the


action is going on. Milder in the West, 5, 6, even eight degrees, but


further east, the cold air well handled and then it will turn to


snow widely. The further east you are, the more disrupted the snow


might be, but there is still potential problems through the end


of the week. Finally through Friday into Saturday the front staggers


away towards the east, but look at this, lining up in the Atlantic a


low pressure area which will shove in the changes through the weekend.


The temperatures rise across the board through the weekend but heavy


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