24/01/2013 BBC Weather


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Hello again. It seems this snowy weather has been bringing out your


creative side judging by your photos at the weather Centre. This


pair were spotted but we've had polar bears, Easter Island statues


and my personal favourite, a dialect. We're going to the down


side to the heavy weather. Heavy snow in eastern England and


Scotland through the day, likely to cause some travel disruption.


Tonight ice is the main hazard once again. Minus nine in parts of mid-


Wales. In England, a similar low temperatures under clear skies.


Snow in western Scotland later in the night but rain will be pushing


into the far south-west of England, so rising temperatures and a wet


start across Cornwall. Slightly higher in south-west England and


South Wales but you don't have to go too far further eastwards to


meet that frost. Low temperatures, and an icy start. Five degrees and


rain in Northern Ireland, so a change of truly under way here.


Across Scotland, the rain will meet the colder and turn to snow.


Certainly over high ground and down to lower levels at times. The


Highlands, affected, and the Southern Uplands as we go through


into the afternoon. Rain further west but slow progress, which means


for much of Wales, the Midlands, the rest of England, it will be dry


but it will feel cold as the wind picks up. It will feel pretty cold


in the afternoon not helped by clear skies. Friday evening, the


snow marches on a force of the Pennines looking tricky for a time


and, at lower levels, East and parts of England, a good few


centimetres of snow potentially and it hangs around across East Anglia


and Kent, but clearer weather following behind and that's a start


to a big change this weekend. They're coming in from the Atlantic


pushing the cold air away into the near Continent. This is the sort of


thing we can expect. Temperatures, 10 degrees possibly this weekend in


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