25/01/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. Well, it doesn't know when to give up, does it? As you may


have seen in the news, so the weather is disrupting the lives of


many across the UK. Snow is the primary concern, and we have found


a weather warnings through much of tonight, but rain has been a


problem, flooding across south-west Wales. The radar shows the whole


mixture of rain, sleet and snow, bright colours across northern


England, Wales, the south-west of England, these are the areas of


concern. Let's concentrate on the snow and see how it is going to go.


Easing away from much of Scotland now, heading towards midnight, but


still lingering across the borders and northern counties. Still may be


another five centimetres possible here, an inch or two. I think the


emphasis is moving on towards the Midlands for some of the heaviest


snow, up to about four inches in some places. Using tone towards


London, a mixture here of rain, sleet and snow. -- easing down.


Very unpleasant travelling conditions for a time, through into


the early hours. One way or another, there is likely to be further


travel destruction this evening and overnight. BBC local radio or the


travel pages of the website will keep you updated. Then I think


Lincolnshire, the East Midlands, East Anglia will see more snow


through the latter part of the night. Behind that, we are talking


about the risk of ice as temperatures drop away for a time.


But let's welcome some dry and sunny weather for Saturday, a lot


of it around, especially across Scotland, England and Wales early


on. Cloud encroaching from the West eventually, bringing patchy rain.


Still decidedly chilly across central and eastern areas, lots of


snow on the ground, but 10 degrees in Plymouth, and the winds from


that direction through Saturday night bringing milder air but also


an awful lot of rain. It is going to be a very wet night, maybe some


snow across the tops of the Scottish mountains, but above


freezing everywhere. Lots of rain on top of snow may lead to some


flooding. That will be a concern for the next few days. Strong winds


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