28/01/2013 BBC Weather


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Hello again. Last week we had cold continental air bringing all the


snow. Now we are looking to the mild Atlantic to see wind and rain.


This large area of low pressure is heading our way tomorrow. We still


have some heavy, and dusty showers in Scotland and northern England.


Some of these rain will sit in the Channel, and it is starting to push


north again. If the wind drops, it could turn a little chilly in the


north-east and Scotland. Tomorrow will push the rein back northwards


again, so make the most of the dry morning in Scotland. Rain arrives


in Northern Ireland for the rush hour. Still largely dry across


northern England, and not as windy as it is now a. But that rain will


push its way into the south-east of England, and work its way into the


Midlands as well. In the south-east and Wales -- in the south-west and


Wales, amber warnings for rain. They could be further flooding.


Then this wind will push the rain northwards through the day, turning


drier through the Midlands and the south-east. Temperatures could make


double figures in Scotland, and much milder further south. Our air


originates from a long way south, all the way from the tropics. It is


what we call tropical maritime air, mild air trapped between those two


weather fronts. But any time you heat the air up, you have the


potential for much more rain. It is all being driven by these deep area


of low pressure which is brushing close to Scotland. It is the


strength of the wind that is the main concern over night and into


Wednesday. Potential gusts of up to 60 Mascagni in the lowlands, and up


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