29/01/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Today has been the warmest day since November. You probably


noticed how mild it was. Double figures in Scotland and widely 14


Celsius in England and Wales. Much higher than we would expect at this


time of the year. It is due to south-westerly winds, which remain


very strong through the night. We have wet weather at the moment in


the north-west. The rain eased for a while across England and Wales,


but it is starting to come back in again, so rain develops more widely


and becomes heavier in England and Wales. We have a number weather


warning in Devon, with rising river levels here. The main driver is


this area of low pressure rushing towards north Scotland. The main


story here is the strength of the wind. Howling, stormy winds in the


north of Scotland, driving into the Orkney's, together with high tide


and some very big waves. A wet and windy start in the far north of


Scotland. By morning, we could see wet and windy weather pushing back


into the central belt, through southern Scotland, driving into the


north-west of England, hard on the heels of the overnight rain, which


is beginning to show signs of easing away from the south-east of


England by nine in the morning. But showers will follow on, beginning


to drive their way through to the West Country. The winds ease down


overnight, but they pick up again in the south-west and Wales in time


for the rush-hour, blowing in some heavy showers. Across the Irish Sea,


whilst we will have a bit of sunshine, you can see the showers


waiting to come in. So tomorrow we have a day of sunshine and showers.


A much brighter day than today, but the showers will be particularly


heavy, with gusty winds around tomorrow. The rain soon clears from


the south-east. Some showers then followed before they fade away, and


then the heavier showers drive through Northern Ireland and


southern Scotland into northern England. There will be hail and


thunder. Some welcome sunshine, but it will not feel quite as warm as


today. Not bad for this time of year, though. Similar temperatures


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