30/01/2013 BBC Weather


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There was some welcome sunshine around today, but the wind was


howling. The strongest gusts were measured across the North of


Scotland and around Snowdonia, typically around 80 miles an hour.


We had 60 miles an hour in Yorkshire. Tomorrow there is more


bright and quite sunny weather, but the winds will be a feature, strong


and gusty. Recently they had East Down, but is -- it is just


temporary. This band of rain comes in from the West. Some heavy rain


and some squally rain and the possibility of thunder as well.


Very gusty winds developing in northern England again. Gusty winds


in the Midlands and towards the South East of England. It should be


dry with some sunshine early in the morning. There will be a few


showers blowing in on the blustery winds. We could see a good deal of


sunshine away from the showers. A scattering also for the north-west


of England. For Northern Ireland it is a bright and sunny start, but


also very windy. The overnight rain get stuck in central Scotland. To


the north it turns cold enough for a touch of frost. Elsewhere, we


have got this rain sticking around all day and there could be some


snow in the hills. But it looks largely dry, and the showers


passing through very quickly. Many places will be dry and bright sunny,


but it will be windy again, taking the edge of the temperatures. The


winds ease down tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, but we see


another area of low pressure heading our way, coming in off the


Atlantic. The extent of the wet weather is still in doubt at this


stage. It will be heavy in the south for a while. There is the


risk of some snow in the Welsh hills. It turns brighter but colder


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