31/01/2013 BBC Weather


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Tonight an area of low pressure sitting over Scotland. A big


weather system, sliding across bringing outbreaks of rain. It will


be heavy over the southern counties of England. Pushing up to Wales. A


little bit of winter over the tops of the Welsh hills.


On to the busy time tomorrow at 8.00am. A few showers over the


Pennines. In the south more rain into the Midlands. In the south-


east, the area of south of London, a wet start to the day. To the west,


the overnight rain beginning to ease off


All of these areas are soggy. Across Wales, things are beginning


to improve. The rain is moving away. Brighter spells are breaking


through. Over Northern Ireland, brisk winds. Lighter winds


elsewhere but brisk from the west. Bringing outbreaks of rain. Not a


plenty start to the day. Rain over parts of Scotland with patchy hill


snow. Also the risk of icy patches where the skies have cleared.


Watch out for that. Otherwise through the morning, the rain in


the south is clearing. Good sunny spelling follows on behind that.


The rain moving from Scotland and Northern Ireland, but then moving


on to affect a good part of England and north-west Wales. To the north,


four to six Celsius. Seven to nine Celsius in the south. Colder on


Saturday, but generally, the brighter day of the weekend. Sunday,


more in the way of cloud and patchy rain moving in. A nice sunny day


for many on Saturday. Snow showers returning down the eastern coastal


counties it could give a covering in places. Maybe up to an inch.


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