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I think this time of the year, wind direction is the most important


thing as far as determining temperature is concerned. It is


setting from the north at the moment so we are going back into


the chill zone forehead time. A widespread frost tonight as cold


air moves in and skies start to clear. Arctic winds bringing wintry


showers down the eastern coast. Inland we could see a covering in


places like the North York Moors. You can see the blue haze


developing, that is the frost setting in towards the end of the


night. It gives us a crisp start to Saturday. Lots of sunshine across


Northern Ireland, patchy cloud here and there. The northerly wind sets


up showers through the Irish Sea. That is what we are likely to seek


tomorrow morning. Either side of that is dry, but underneath a


shower stream you should see a few. Otherwise, clear blue skies and a


lovely start to the day. But wrap up if you head out, it will be


chilly. Showers running in across Norfolk and Lincolnshire, across


East Yorkshire. Away from the coast it could be falling as snow. Crisp


and bright to start across northern England and much of Scotland. One


or two showers across Caithness and Sutherland, but a great day for


heading into the hills or going out and about generally, if you don't


mind that Jill. Winds easing off through the afternoon. Feeling


quite pleasant here, temperatures at six or seven degrees typically.


Three or four in the east, adding in the wind chill it will feel more


like temperatures below freezing. Fantastic rugby weather. Tomorrow


afternoon I will be torn between the sofa and getting into the


sunshine. A chilly wind at Twickenham, but winds light at the


Millennium Stadium. This ridge comes in on Saturday


evening, briefly dipping into frost. But temperatures rising again as


the weather front topples in, producing cloudier skies for Sunday.


Notice temperatures significantly higher, perhaps even 10 or 11


degrees, across the south-west. As we go into next week, very


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