19/04/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A tale of two halves this weekend. Saturday looking like


the brighter prospect at the moment, and some chilly night, yes, it is


April but the long nights are still going to allow some patchy frost and


even some fog together, because we have had the shower, the reason for


the settled conditions through today and into tomorrow, this ridge of


high pressure, it holes the weather fronts as bay, but they are starting


to creep closer to the western shores of the UK, so we will see


increasing cloud. Not through tonight and the clouds decrease


tonight, the starry night allowing that frost to develop in a few area,


but a widespread ground frost despite temperatures in the towns


and cities staying above freezing, I hints the possibly of fog in East


Anglia and the south-west, other areas are prone, but it should clear


readily. By morning there will be a strengthening breeze, ushering in


more cloud. It is a decent day for most of us. More sunshine than


today, for central and eastern parts of England, where we had most of the


showers. Light winds, the sunshine now as strong as it is in late


August so pleasantly warm weather round, with the light winds.


Similarly so further west. There could be isolated showers, and there


maybe a bit of fog in the Bristol Channel, with the exception rather


than the rule. Plenty of warm sunshine to come. And eastern


Scotland and to start initialled but it does deteriorate through the


afternoon. More rain as we head towards evening time. That tends to


squeeze the high pressure out of the way, bringing that fine weather


instead, it is replaced by wet and windy weather, potential for gales


in the north-west, a wet end to the night on Sunday, though still cold


enough for patchy frost in the south-east and fog, and a bit of


snow on the very tops of the Scottish mountains. So as I say, a


tael of two halves with the wetter half coming on Monday. That rain


edges across northern around western England into Wales. Brightening into


sunshine and showers towards the north and west, but always promising


at this strange to stay dry for the south-east and for the London


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