22/04/2013 BBC Weather


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going to please everybody this week, but it has to be said there will be


some decent conditions around over the next couple of days. Spring


warmth on the way for some of us across the country come tomorrow,


but in the short-term, very windy across Scotland. Gale force winds in


northern parts of Scotland and the Western Isles. It isn't a cold night


with this at plan to influence. Temperatures around six degrees in


Glasgow, ten in London. Tomorrow's rush-hour, across the south-east,


the sun will be smiling at you, but some of these coasts here from


Kent, all the way to Cornwall, some mist and murk. That made Chris --


that may drift over the course of the afternoon. Some clouds across


Wales, and into Northern Ireland, the best chance of sunshine first


thing will be over more eastern areas, because further westwards and


in the north is where we have this breeze. Also showers rattling


through Orkney and Shetland. Dundee, Edinburgh, the Borders, and the east


of Pennines, the weather looking very decent first thing. Through the


afternoon it remains globally in the north of Scotland, but many of us


will notice some clear conditions. Temperatures will be very


respectable in the south-east. For most of us, especially in the cloudy


West, the low to mid teens. In the early hours of Wednesday, this


weather front will bring some rain to more northern areas of the UK.


The weather front separates the warmer air to the south from that


fresh air across Scotland and Northern Ireland that is coming in


from the north Atlantic. So one Wednesday, cloudy across Scotland


and Northern Ireland. It will brighten up, but it will be warmer


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