07/05/2013 BBC Weather


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return of the widespread warmth and sunshine we have been enjoying


today. We will have to wait a bit longer for it to come back. I fear


that someone has made a false start. Crosby was the warmest spot at 24


degrees. Tomorrow our temperatures take a bit of a dip, but the blue is


backed by Thursday and many of us will be 10 degrees or more a cooler


by Thursday. That is the change, along with some rain coming our way.


Already the weather change is underway. The fire south-west is


seeing this rain and it pushes westwards -- eastwards overnight.


Rather cool in mural spots. But where the rain is coming in, it is a


warm night ahead. After the bulk of the heavy rain goes, it will start


of dull and dreary with mist and murky and coastal hill fog. The rain


will be sitting across South East England into the Midlands and


Northern Ireland to start the day. This looks so different from what we


have had over the past few days. Mainly dry to North East England and


across Scotland. In Scotland they have got another fine, warm day to


come. The rain will move north and the fork pushes onto the shores of


eastern England and Scotland. Northern Scotland staying dry until


the evening. Northern Ireland is brightening up. England and Wales


are gradually brightening as well, but heavy, thundery downpours in the


afternoon and evening. We are back down into the teens. But there is


still some warmth even when the sun is out. By Thursday that has gone


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