08/05/2013 BBC Weather


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It is pretty quiet outside at the moment, clearing skies and


relatively light wind. Some surprise when we look at tomorrow's


headline - strong wind in the forecast and unseasonably strong


with heavy downpours. How did beget to this? Looking at the satellite,


we can see the skies clearing across the UK today after a cloudy


start and this band of rain moving to the north, that is what we need


to worry about, thus deepening centre rolling across us on


Thursday, tightly-packed isobars meaning strong wind is an issue.


Through the rest of tonight, clear skies in the east, along


temperatures to fall down to six degrees in rural areas and in the


west, or cloud, showers arriving ahead of the end of the night, and


by dawn, we shall seek heavy and persistent rain pushing into


Northern Ireland and then the wind does start to strengthen, peeking


through the middle part of the day, we could see gusts of 65 mph around


the coast of England and Wales and that isn't just in the west, right


across the country. Add heavy rain to that for the south-west and


Wales and look at those temperatures - looking at barely


double figures. That sunshine at the start of the week, it could not


be more difficult. And the chance of showers, brightening for


Northern Ireland in the afternoon but thunderstorms around and it is


wet and windy for northern England. Scotland fares best, lighter wind,


sunshine and a scattering of sharp showers from time to time.


Overnight Thursday into Friday, we see that a low centre working


eastwards into the North Sea and the wind will ease somewhat but we


have a breezy day on Friday and some further weather fronts


approaching from the Atlantic. Bringing scattered outbreaks of


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