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interviewed. What was Lord Taylor's response?


As he told me, it was one word, and pretty colourful, as was mine. The


suggestion that two people, won the chief constable of the big at a


police force in the UK outside of London, the other the man who would


become Chief Justice, had never met before, get in front of a car, and


then in front of a witness, agree to cook the books, is ridiculous and


annoying. Mark Lewis declined to take part in


this programme. He told us he stands by his statements. But the DPP


decided it wouldn't come in any event, have been grounds for action


against Lord Justice Taylor and Geoffrey Dear. Six weeks later, the


DPP made a much bigger decision on Hillsborough.


The DPP has decided not to bring any criminal charges against the police


in connection with the Hillsborough football stadium disaster.


Chief Superintendent Duckenfield was allowed to retire on medical


grounds. Neither he nor anybody else would be prosecuted for their part


in causing the disaster at Hillsborough.


Allowing those extra 2000 people into those already overcrowded


pens, for me, that is gross negligence. So, how on earth


prosecutions didn't follow from that The Hillsborough cover-up went wider


than the police. If, like me, you had been there, you would have seen


details at the lack of a proper emergency response. -- seeing the


chaos. But those who pointed it out would find themselves disbelieve.


Liverpool fan Dr John Ashton was one of them. The morning after the


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