21/05/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Showers become frequent in northern Scotland. Hale, thunder, show


dash-macro snow on the higher ground is possible. We will see isolated


showers developing. Some of those could become heavy in the


north-east. 16 to 18 across southern areas, cold across the North. The


strength of the wind will get even stronger into the night and into


Thursday morning. Taking showers further south, even inland areas,


some of those will be lively. Do not be surprised to see a few flakes of


snow mixed in with the rain. The rain showers will be the main


feature. Increasing cold and wind as we go into Thursday. That could


reach 50, 60 miles an hour on eastern coasts as the low pressure


system pushes in. Windy across the board, a cold wind at that,


temperatures struggling to get into double digits. Some dry and bright


weather but 20 of showers forming anywhere. The more the further east


you are. It is a crossed eastern areas where showers emerge into


longer smells. -- it is across eastern areas. Some very lively


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