27/05/2013 BBC Weather


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on the turn today and we have had low pressure to the north-west, the


cloud and that trailing weather front bringing cloud and outbreaks


of rain to northern and western areas. The cloud will head east


tonight and we could see heavier downpours to southern counties. It


will ease of the North, like and patchy rain and even breaks in the


cloud further west which could make it a chilly start first thing. A


different start as far as the weather is concerned to the South


East. At eight a.m. , cloudy with outbreaks of rain and some rain


sitting across the Midlands and into northern England. Sunshine to start


the day for Northern Ireland but maybe if you showers, dry and bright


across the northern half of Scotland. -- a few showers. Sunshine


for much of the day. Sunshine for Northern Ireland at showers have


potential to be heavy. The most persistent rain across the South


East and into the Midlands and North West England. Underneath the cloud


and rain, temperatures very disappointing, 12, 13 degrees.


Brightness to the east from Norfolk into north-east England, we could


see temperatures higher, but overall for the West -- for the rest of the


week, temperatures slightly below average and an unsettled feel. The


devil is in the detail. If you weather fronts around, a weakening


one for the South on Wednesday, but another of the north-east -- of the


North Sea. Eastern England and eastern Scotland, it will become and


cloudy with outbreaks of rain. A better chance of seeing something


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