24/05/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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It is a bank holiday weekend, and it looks like the weather across the


British Isles might play along. At least most of the time. Certainly


for the weekend, for Saturday and Sunday, we are looking at lighter


winds than we have had today. A largely dry story. Consequently the


return of some warmth. It was chilly today across England and Wales. A


combination of cool air and some heavy rain because of this low


pressure here, which you see on the satellite picture diving off into


the continent. Behind it high pressure building. It meant a decent


day for Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will mean our weather


will calm down in the south of the weekend, but a dry one and with


plenty of sunshine to come. We will see a weather front trying to feed


more cloud and patchy rain into the far north-west. What a different day


in the south. For England and Wales, key factors, lighter winds and we


lose that rain. We saw highs of eight or nine Celsius throughout the


day on Friday. That is as high as we got here. We are adding another


eight Celsius on to that. A decent day for Northern Ireland. Some rain


into the Western Isles of Scotland. Central and eastern areas with


sunshine should benefit with highs of 16 Celsius. Perhaps cooler along


the North Sea coasts, where we have a chilly breeze. Into Sunday, some


patchy rain into Scotland and Northern Ireland. Through Sunday


time, the weather front responsible will be weakening away. More cloud


here than we will see on Saturday and some patchy rain. For England


and Wales, a decent about of sunshine. In many areas we could see


temperatures getting up into the high teens. It is Bank Holiday


Monday when we start to see the worm turning though. We will start off


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