29/05/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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was our warmest spot where temperatures reached 20 degrees. For


eastern England, we barely broke out of single figures. Outbreaks of


rain, Misty and murky conditions. We will keep a lot of it through the


night to night. Becoming more extensive across England with hill


fog and rain continues to feeding off the North Sea. Clear spells in


the north and west so temperatures a little bit chilly at eight degrees


but we will continue with western areas enjoying the best of the


brightness through the day tomorrow. Already bright spells


developing across Devon and Cornwall by 8am. A little bit cloudy for


Wales. Sunshine through Pembrokeshire. Through Northern


Ireland, the fine and sunny weather continues on Thursday, as it will do


for the North West of Scotland. Further east, a little bit more


cloud with patchy rain through Aberdeen, down to the Lothian and


Borders. The rain more extensive stretching down to the south coast


affecting Hampshire, West Dorset as well, but the main band of rain will


suddenly start to clear away through the afternoon. It leaves behind a


legacy of showers scattered around England and Wales. A little bit hit


and miss and we could see heavier ones at times but equally, a little


bit of brightness in between. Western areas having the best of the


sunshine, so temperatures in the high teens. 20 degrees for Western


Scotland. Where we persist in the East, 12-13. We should start to see


things brightening up and things brightening up across much of


England and Wales. However, for Scotland and Northern Ireland,


things turning cloudier and we could see patchy rain on Friday. That is


tied in with some weak weather fronts and the weekend weather front


topples and across an area of high pressure. To the north-west,


cloudier times with outbreaks of rain however further south, high


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