30/05/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Presley topping the UK charts but can't help falling in love, you may


also remember a spring colder than the one we've just been through


because the Met office says you have to go back to 1962 to find a spring


colder than this one and it was March we did the damage,


exceptionally cold. It looks like this spring will be drier than


normal but the lack of warmth many of us will remember and it was still


in evidence today. In the West, in the sunshine, lovely 21 degrees in


Glasgow but in eastern England, temperatures just ten in


Scarborough. A bit of a change, though, tomorrow. For the rest of


tonight, lingering showers in southern England dying away and we


are left with low cloud hill fog across England and a few fog


patches, too. Some light rain in the west later on in the night and it's


not going to be a cold night. The weather does a switch around


tomorrow. Those cloudy areas get a bit brighter and warmer. Especially


across eastern England. But for Scotland and Northern Ireland,


expect more cloud and lower temperatures. Cloud bringing in


patchy rain. For eastern Scotland, slow-moving heavy downpours around,


too. Much of England and Wales staying dry. Warm sunshine. It may


brighten up in the late afternoon in western Scotland. Heavy downpours in


eastern some warmth in the Borders, and the odd heavy shower in


north-east England whereas elsewhere across England and Wales, and


isolated shower can't be ruled out but most places will be dry. It will


feel warm in the sunshine especially across eastern England. Looking fine


for the cricket at Lord's. Friday marks the end of the three months


which, for statistical purposes, make-up and meteorological spring


sale on Saturday, we try our luck with a new month and we have high


pressure coming in from the Atlantic, settling things down for


England and Wales which will have the best of the weather at the


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