31/05/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Ireland and the Glens in Scotland that will be in mid to low single


figures to start Saturday. A low feel to our weather over the


weekend. Look at this, the return of high pressure. It is almost as if it


was planned. Settling things for England and Wales. Scotland and


Northern Ireland on the edge of the high pressure. Some weather systems


coming in from the Atlantic. After a bright start, clouding over, shower


is breaking out. Variable cloud and sunshine in England and Wales. In


Northern Ireland it starts to brighten up again, as it will in


Scotland. Sunny spells among the showers, you may encounter a heavy


one. In north-east Scotland and the odd one into northern England,


although you will have to look hard to find one, most of us will avoid


them and stay dry. The clout in eastern England will thin and break.


Plenty of sunshine across western England and Wales. Some patchy cloud


developing but it stays mainly dry. They fresher feel in the breeze.


Some of us may get to 20 degrees. The sun is breaking through the


clout. It is going to be dry at the Empson Derby. -- Epsom Derby. Most


of us with another dry day, more cloud running into Northern Ireland,


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