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Yesterday it was the warmers day of the year so far. Another warm day


in Glasgow. Five degrees above average. Temperatures in Hereford


rose late in the day. But it was 12 degrees under the grey cloud. It


has gone now. We are not expecting it to return overnight. One a two


showers across the north, but those are fading away. Dry and clear


overnight. We will pick up some higher cloud coming into southern


England. That could give one a two showers. An isolated shower over


the mountains. Many places will be dry again. A lot of Sunshine. Dusty


winds picking up in the South Abs. Showers in the south the very hit


and miss. A lot of places will be dry. The cloud in the South East,


no more than one or two drops of rain. It will still feel warm. A


good deal of Sunshine through much of the Midlands, East Anglia and


the Midlands. Cooler round the coast. Showers over the northern


Pennines and the Scottish mountains not amounting to much. Another warm


day for the time of year in western Scotland. A lovely day for Northern


Ireland. No showers here tomorrow. A good day in Wales as well,


Sunshine. On the whole tomorrow temperatures will be much as they


were today. More warm weather to come over the weekend and a lot of


Sunshine. It could start grey and cloudy on Saturday with low cloud


coming back in of the North Sea. That cloud retreating back to the


North Sea coast. One a two shock showers in the Scottish mountains.


Near the East Coast under the cloud and it will feel cool. Not as warm


as we saw today's macro. Don't be fooled, the sun is still strong and


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