20/06/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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in Norwich, but looking a bit further north for the UK, quite


uniformly cloudy, temperatures wherever you are heading to about 14


degrees, a bit fresher in the far north of the UK. Through the course


of the morning the clouds will be breaking up and for a lot of us


tomorrow, it will feel a little bit warmer than today. The humility


might be less but it will feel warmer because there will be more


sunshine around. Still some showers on the cards, for eastern and


south-eastern areas, but overall a nice day. The blue you can see here,


that is a change on the way, Friday night into Saturday, this world of


wind, cloud and rain is heading our way. Dash-macro this swirl. It will


go downhill but for some of us it will be quite welcome because we


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