21/06/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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does and for a lot of us it is the first day of summer. Not necessarily


for meteorologist but mother nature does not want to know about it


because there is a change coming. For this weekend, lots of cool


weather and windy conditions and plenty of rain. But some sunshine as


well. Let's look at the satellite. The last 24 hours. This weather


system is racing towards the UK, making its presence felt across


Northern Ireland and western parts with rain and wind increasing and


through the rest of the evil England overnight, that will spill across


the UK and the wind will continue to freshen in many western and southern


areas. Much like last night, about 14 degrees. What about the morning?


Most of us shall wake up to cloudy skies, at the very least it shall be


damp because most will have had rain. Quickly, but rain band will


sweep into the North Sea and behind it, wind will freshen and we get


this Atlantic showers coming in. The heaviest will occur across western


Scotland, the South of Scotland and Northern Ireland and these areas


could have big downpours and also some hailstones and longer. To the


South, England and Wales, one minute it is sunny and the next, black


clouds. But some places will have a dry day. For parts of East Anglia,


the sun could be shining for most of the day, interrupted with some


occasional showers. Along the south coast, all the way from Dorset into


the tip of Cornwall, it looks like it shall be very windy. Costs of 50


mph. -- costs. Sunday, copycat conditions, wind blowing from the


north, some showers getting into the Midlands. I don't know how much play


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