28/06/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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better than it was last weekend. Not to dry for all of us, but for the


bulk of England and Wales, it is going to be dry. Turning bright and


sunny and getting warmer and more humid. Some rain in the Northwest.


Mainly across North Scotland and Northern Ireland. Through the rest


of the night, it will be dry from most of us. A few spots of drizzle


lingering with low cloud in the south-west. Later in the night, some


patchy light rain or drizzle coming into Northern Ireland. Not amounting


to very much. At nine am tomorrow, dry and bright. For England and


Wales, a dry start. Some patches of low cloud, but away from here, the


cloud should be thinner so there is the better chance of sunshine. If


you have tickets for Wimbledon, it looks like a super day. There will


be cloud around, but the sunshine will make an appearance now and


again. More significantly, it looks like it is going to be dry. Looking


good. Not quite so good in the morning across Northern Ireland.


Conditions will approve in the afternoon. -- will improve. Later in


the afternoon, damp weather arriving in England and Wales, but elsewhere,


some sunshine at times. Bright, rather than sunny, for most of the


day. Warmer in the South. But it is a trend as the weekend goes on. We


will see that at Silverstone and, more significantly, it is staying


dry not just for qualifying but for the race itself. Getting warm and


humid. This weather front will provide low clouds tomorrow night.


Then we arrive in a warm sector between those weather fronts with a


lot of humid air heading our way. The second weather front is more


active bringing rain into Scotland and Northern Ireland for a time.


Cloud flirting with some western and southern coasts but away from here,


we will get more sunshine on Sunday, compared with Saturday. And with


that humid here, the temperatures will be higher. It could be hit in


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