01/07/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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and warmth, I may have something to tempt you at the end of the forecast


at for the time being, it looks like the sun is setting on the fine


weather for the next 36 hours. Tomorrow, a very different day a lot


of rain and cloud. It still stays dry across central UK but in the


West, the isobars are tightening. A little cooler than recent nights.


Some of you in Scotland and Northern Ireland have started school holidays


and this is not what you want to see, rain will be on and off


throughout the day. Some rain maybe to the East of Scotland and despite


a few spots of light rain in northern England, Wales and the


south-west, many will start the day with largely dry conditions. A


brighter start further west and for some, it will stay dry but


increasing likelihood of rain and certainly add a modern, near


certainty by the time we get evening play. That extends through much of


the Midlands and East Anglia. Elsewhere, outbreaks of rain will


develop. With strong winds, the rain in Northern Ireland and Scotland, it


will feel distinctly cool. If you skip most of the day dry, there will


be rain overnight. A grey, Misty and damp start to Wednesday that it is


getting better. High pressure is building and the skies were


Brighton. Feeling a touch warmer than it used to. On Thursday,


another area of light and breezy conditions pushing across followed


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