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Hello, I normally only wear this suit when we have proper summer


sunshine and warmth, so I haven't had it on for some time. But it seem


this is week fully justified, with the sunshine. Temperatures today in


Scotland and Northern Ireland into the high 20s. The areas seeing the


highest temperatures will change over the next day or so. Tomorrow


one last hot day in Scotland and northern England. Hotter in northern


England, but by the start of the weekend the core of the high


temperatures will be further south. Somewhere on the South East on


Saturday we may surpass 30 Celsius. Some changes for the weekend. We'll


look at those in a moment. For the rest of the night it is


mainly dry. There are spots on the North Sea coast that had cloud


today. Some mist patches. Away from the larger towns and cities, 10-12


degrees. A cloudy start to Friday in eastern


England and London. For most of us we're back into the sunshine in the


afternoon. Away from the far north-west of Scotland, a fine day


in Scotland and Northern Ireland. High temperatures again, but the odd


isolated thundery downpour in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is


knocking on the door of 30 Celsius in one or two spots. Generally in


England and Wales, after a fresher day, temperatures are on the up


again tomorrow. Plenty of sunshine for the cricket at Trent Bridge. The


odd spot on the North Sea coast. Where you have cloud, will you be in


the teens. Another lovely day for the Scottish


Open golf at Inverness. A cold front will move south across


Northern Ireland and Scotland on Friday night into Saturday,


introducing cloudier conditions for the weekend, and lower temperatures.


By Saturday the heat is confined to England and Wales, where we may pass


13 in the South East. There'll be showers and thunderstorms breaking


out in the day. Scotland and Northern Ireland, a change in


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