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quite as hot as it is likely to be tomorrow.


We will be back with the weekend news tomorrow. Goodbye.


Hello. It is not often I get to stand here just after 1030 and talk


about temperatures still in the 20s, but it is 22 in Manchester. It has


been a hot one in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and a hot one in


northern England. These areas will get a bit cooler over the weekend,


but for southern England, it is about to get hotter. Some places


hitting 30 or above tomorrow. Even if you like the heat, it makes it


hard for sleeping when temperatures are like this. It is a fairly sticky


night across the northern half of the UK. A bit of rain heading into


Scotland. One or two mist and fog patches around. Across southern


areas, perhaps a little bit cooler than this. Saturday morning, some


rain in northern Scotland, courtesy of this weather front moving south.


It will brighten up behind it, but it is a cold front, a leading edge


of cooler air. So for Scotland and Northern Ireland tomorrow, it will


be feeling cooler. For England and Wales, the heat is with us. For


southern England it will be a very hot day. From Portsmouth to the


London area, we may well see 30 or above. The heat may trigger a late


day thunderstorm in the south-east. Very hit and miss if it does, as


will be the showers that pop up across parts of the Midlands,


eastern England and the Pennines. Most of us will stay dry, but if you


catch one of these, the rain could be torrential. For Northern Ireland


and across Scotland, some sunny spells for the afternoon. You will


notice the cooler field. Some eight degrees cooler than today. On


Sunday, lots of sunshine around. Broken cloud and the odd stray


shower. Still very warm across southern areas, but not as hot as


Saturday. Going into Monday, high pressure and sunshine across much of


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