02/08/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. We started today with thundery showers in the south-east


corner. We are finishing with thundery showers, but this time


primarily in the south-west. They have been driving through Cornwall,


as you can see on the lightning loop, moving through Wales and


north-east England. We have showers threatening the south-east corner


over the next few hours, some of which will be heavy indeed,


accompanied by a risk breeze. The strongest winds in the extreme


north-west of Scotland. Overnight lows, 14 to 16 degrees. A much more


comfortable night for sleeping, if you can avoid the thunder. We start


Saturday with more sunshine man showers, perhaps. The significant


rain is still a feature. Starting to drift away, but the winds are still


here. The south-westerly winds make an verge those showers into fairly


organised bands. If you are caught in them, some could be pretty heavy,


with rumbles of thunder. There will be lengthy spells of sunshine, top


temperatures 21 to 23 degrees. Decent sunshine across northern


England, a few showers for Northern Ireland and western Scotland. The


eastern areas of Scotland should stay largely fine and dry. That


bodes well for the Women's British Open. Perhaps not as warm as today,


18 degrees the expected high. Coverage is live on the BBC. For the


cricket, the weather looks set to behave across northern England, fine


and dry with highs of 20 Celsius. And it is the start of the football


season, the first map of the Championship at Burnley, perfect


weather conditions for the spectators and players.


Central and eastern areas will probably see the best of the weather


on Sunday and the best of the warm. Showers continue to the north-west,


more significant rain in the later part of the day. It will take its


time to clear, this area of low pressure. It will drift north and


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