05/08/2013 BBC Weather


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weather has been lopsided this week. Many of us saw torrential downpours.


No will not see much rain at all for the rest of the week. This is the


story of the rainfall today, bright colours where we had torrential


downpours. In offering to cause some flooding issues. -- enough rain.


Parts of Wales saw as much as three inches. Some of this rain fell in a


short space of time, 20 million metres in places. That is why we


have local flooding issues. It is because of this area of low


pressure, taking the last of the rain away from the East of England.


For the rest of the week, nothing significant coming our way. Over the


night, a few showers later in Northern Ireland and West of


Scotland. Town centres in double figures. In the countryside, single


figures to start Tuesday. But there will be plenty of sunshine to


compensate for the cooler start. Through the day, some cloud is going


to build, but unlike today, those of us will stay dry. It is going to be


a very different day across England and Wales. The warm spots across


East Anglia and the south-east are reaching 23 or 24. When the sun is


out, it will feel quite pleasant. And some sunshine along the coast,


where there will be showers developing in parts of Devon and


Cornwall. But very hit and miss. Certainly, dry day in Wales and


England. If the cricket was finishing tomorrow at Old Trafford,


it would be a different story. For Northern Ireland, showers popping


up, and also in the north of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The rest of the day


will be dry, maybe just one shower. Not much change on Wednesday and


Thursday. Still the potential for heavy showers but also some dry and


bright weather in between. Temperatures close to normal for the


time of year. Hotspots in the south-east, 24 degrees or so. But if


it is heat you are after, it is there in southern Spain and Italy.


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