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the heatwave weather across other parts of Europe and sure enough,


today in Italy temperatures topped out at 41 Celsius. That compares


with 24, which were the top temperatures here in London. It begs


the question, at which end of the temperatures killed you prefer your


summer weather? -- temperature scale. It is lower, you will enjoy


what comes the rest of this week. Tonight will be quite cool as


temperatures drop under clear skies. Some rain to mention. To the west of


Northern Ireland, it will be quite heavy. And these temperatures are


towns and city centres. In the countryside, you will be down into


single figures. If you thought this morning was cold, you will think the


same about tomorrow morning. There will be sunshine around a poet is a


wet start in northern Scotland. -- although it is. Many of us avoiding


the showers that pop-up. A scattering of showers in the


afternoon in Northern Ireland and Scotland, heavy and slow moving. Dry


weather also to be had. For northern England, the Midlands and East


Anglia, sunny spells and it will feel pleasantly warm in the sun.


They may -- you may catch a shower but mostly dry. Moreover breeze for


the sailors to appreciate. The risk of a shower storm in Essex, coastal


Kent and Sussex. It is not a guaranteed but the possibility


cannot be ruled out. Thursday morning will be chilly with patchy


fog. Staying dry apart from the odd shower. Until we see occasional rain


spreading in. On the back of his weather system. Don't expect much


more than a bit of cloud spreading east. Gradually brightening up


later. Temperatures still bearable. That means that for the rest of the


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