07/08/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Channel. On behalf of the BBC London Good evening. I will talk about the


weekend prospects in just a minute. But for now I am glad to say that


those big showers that developed late this evening across parts of


Wales are starting to ease away. For most the showers elsewhere are also


quiet evening down. Becoming quite cool under those clearing skies.


Behind me is the weather front coming in tomorrow. We have had some


showers around which are using away. The clear conditions tonight are


perfect for some mist and fog and also a hint of autumn. Out in the


countryside temperatures could get within five or six degrees of


freezing. And that fog could linger first thing before it clears away.


Otherwise, plenty of sunshine for the cloud builds up. Tomorrow the


showers will be focused further east. The odd rumble of thunder


possible. Further south there could be the odd shower but more sunshine


around compared with today. Plenty of sunshine across the Home Counties


as well. Then later the potential of some showers in the far south-west


of England. And for Northern Ireland, after a decent start, bad


weather front starts to make it progress in words. Turning quite


drizzly towards tea-time and also for the West of Scotland. It is all


change come tomorrow evening and overnight when this next weather


system comes in. Issuing in rain into northern areas. Because we have


the heat of the sun by Friday in the east, we could have some sharp


showers. But it was fresh in a little on Friday. Just a few showers


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