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day for many and I suppose the good news is that for many the rain will


be through the night time hours because it certainly has gone


downhill in the West in the last few hours. That rain is making its way


eastwards. It into good and shoot -- it introduces more clout so milder


than last night. This is what is happening out there. It shows the


rainfall. The rain is crossing into North Wales. There will be heavy


pulses as the Weatherford bashes the rain across many other parts through


the night. It is clearing in Northern Ireland and the south-west


later. The cloud is sitting low on the hills and the coast so it is


misty and froggy. Much milder. In fact, quite humid in places.


Unpleasant if you are driving with the mist. Heavy rain around for the


rush hour in the morning. Brightening quite rapidly from the


West. A lovely day to come in many areas. Just hanging on to the


humidity in eastern areas which might spark a shower for the morning


session at Chester-le-Street for the start of a fourth Test but there


will be a lot of play through the day and you can catch coverage


across radio stations. There will be sharp showers and that afternoon


across eastern invalid. Where we have escaped showers this afternoon.


There will be downpours and in rumble of thunder. Still pleasantly


warm despite things freshening up in the August sunshine in the West are


plenty on offer across the South West and Wales. Even after that we


should start to see those easing away. Beautiful for the National


Eisteddfod of Wales in Denbigh. A lovely day. It should be a lovely


day in Northern Ireland, plenty of sunshine through the course of the


afternoon and evening. Match Of The Day in western Scotland, clearing up


rapidly. The Grampian area holding onto the rain. As we go into the


weekend it looks as if the southern half of the country will see the


best of the dry, bright weather after a chilly start. You can see


the risk of showers is with us further north and west possibly one


for the Ashes Chester-le-Street. A lot of dry, bright weather through


the first half of the weekend. The weather system is closing on


Saturday night and into Sunday, so the low pressure is closer to us. It


means more heavy showers across the northern half of the country. A


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