18/10/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It has been a peculiar day across the country. A lot of


clout and some rain to the worst. It has also been relatively mild.


Today, 18 degrees in Northolt. By contrast, in lyric and Shetland,


just nine degrees. That is slightly below the average. It is due to wind


direction. We have had mild flow in recent days driving the milder


across the country, with the exception of the extreme north-east.


That will continue into tomorrow. We have also got heavy, persistent rain


still to come, moving out across western Scotland, into eastern


Scotland. England and Wales, the rain light and patchy, a complete by


a blustery wind and cloud. Temperatures, 11th to 14 degrees. It


will be very windy in the far north of Scotland. We lose the cloud, wind


and rain in the extreme north. The weekend looks like having blustery


showers and warm sunshine. A wet and windy start in the far north of


Scotland. The Gaels and rain transferring into the Northern as.


Sharp showers into the South. They will clear away. There could be an


organised band of short showers developing into Northern Ireland,


some of them thundery. That may well spoil your afternoon. They will


drift steadily north and east through Wales. Cornwall could seek


brightness. Temperatures will respond nicely. Cloud across the


south coast. Inland, once we lose the showers, for the East Midlands


into Lincolnshire, eastern England, largely fine and right with sunny


spells. Temperatures are going to respond, 18 degrees as possible The


respond, 18 degrees as possible. The rains ease away from Scotland. It


will be cloudy but milder. It will be wet and windy, owing to the


extreme north-easterly. The low pressure remains anchored to the


north-west of Scotland. It will be spinning in organised band of


showers. Rain and strong winds into the far north, showers coming in


from the west pushing further east. Some of them heavy and possibly




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