21/10/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. If you are not too big a fan of the wet weather, it is


probably time to look away. There are more spells of heavy rain in the


forecast for the British Isles for the remainder of this week. And they


will be strong and gusty winds. But temperatures will be mild both day


and night. The air coming across us from the moment is coming from


Iberia. But it is this weather front towards the West that will bring


wind in overnight tonight, up to severe gale force around the sea


coasts. Wet across Northern Ireland at the moment, but the worst of the


rain will go East Woods. Take a look at those temperatures. They look


like our daytime highs. It will be quite a grace that to the north but


we will see a little brightness perhaps around the Murray first.


we will see a little brightness perhaps around the Murray first A


perhaps around the Murray first. A wet start for Northern England,


cloud and outbreaks of rain for Wales and the south-west, but not as


heavy by this point. Just a cheeky bit of sunshine potentially for the


light -- the likes of Kent and Suffolk. But the wet and windy


weather will shift its weight East which through the day. And in the


West, things will become drier and brighter and also very much on the


warm side. The rain won't stop temperatures from pushing up, five


or six degrees above the average for the time of year. Scattered spells


at times, and more persistent rain for Scotland. Blink and you will


miss it, but there is a breach of high pressure their early on


Thursday, so quite a fine start but look at what is winding its way up


from the south. Another big area of low pressure, more


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