22/10/2013 BBC Weather


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It has been another unusually warm day across the British Isles, and


that warmth has translated to an unusually high amount of energy All


that energy has been trying to break down this evening into heavy


showers, which we watched on our raider frames pulsing up into


southern England. This rash is moving its way eastwards. We then


need to look further south, because we have another front waiting across


the -- off the coast of France to move in. Overnight and night, plenty


of showers to go around, often heavy and thundery, and accompanied by


strong, squalling and potentially damaging winds. The south coast


might receive the heaviest showers, which will move their way north


eastwards throughout the night. You could see a shower pretty much


anywhere across the British Isles tonight, and again it is very mild.


Wednesday starts with plenty of cloud across the British Isles and,


for many areas, some rain nearby. A great picture across Scotland, and


windy here as well. Perhaps some dry intervals between the showers for


Northern Ireland, but some fairly solid showers for Northern England


first thing, for Wales, East Anglia, and the Midlands. In the south-west,


you will notice here that the showers are fewer and further


between, and that is a taste of things to come as the day pans out,


because we are anticipating the showers will become -- we are into


sedating it will become brighter across most of southern England and


Wales. It will remain gusty on high ground and still some showers in


northern and western exposures. A little cooler across the northern


half of the UK than it has been in recent days. A lot of fine weather


around for Thursday. Our driest, around for Thursday. Our driest


quietest day of the week, with the lightest winds. A few showers in the


south-west in the afternoon. Further south-west, here is what his heading


our way on Friday. A big area of low pressure and some tightly packed


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