15/11/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It was not exactly breaking out there today, but at


least it was bearable. Similar weather to come this weekend. Not as


much rain around. Many places will be dry. Weather cloud breaks, watch


out for frost, but there might be sunshine, too. Under clear skies, we


already have a frost and placed -- in places, and later, there will be


patchy fog. Gold in the South, in all areas there will be a frost. --


cold in the south. Add to that, some fog, slow to clear tomorrow morning.


Particularly in the Midlands, Bristol and Gloucester. But it could


be most anywhere across the South. Some sunshine as well. If you are


travelling around the likes of the M4, the M5, watch out for that.


Further north, more cloud. A little bit of sunshine tomorrow. Not much


of that for Northern Ireland. Cloud and mild, damp to start. Similar in


Scotland. Windy in the North. The best of the sunshine will be across


the southern areas. The fog lifting as the cloud comes over the top.


Moving south, limiting the sunshine to the south-east corner. Rainer


slipping into Scotland and Northern Ireland later. -- rain slipping.


Tomorrow night, things changing. The rain will peter out. Cloud breaking


in Scotland and Northern Ireland. A turnaround of fortunes. The frost


will be in Scotland, and it will be milder further south. Tomorrow,


Sunday, a lot of cloud across England and South Wales. The best of


the sunshine for eastern parts of Scotland but a cooler feel. The rain


is coming on this weather front, which is popping up on Sunday night.


The rain turning heavier. Sweeping Southworth, ushering in this


heralded colder air from the North. Pushing it across the country.


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