18/11/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Now that the cold weather is here, there are signs we


could see the conditions continue for at least a good week but to


varying degrees. The clue is in the position and the pattern of the


Jetstream at the moment. This means that weather trends will not change


from day to day. We will see high pressure building tonight, and


because we are on the eastern flank of that high pressure, it is feeding


the cold air to all of us. Everyone will see a frost develop, just


about. A covering of snow across north-western parts of Scotland, and


across in Northern Ireland and north-west England, parts of Wales,


over the hilly ground we could see a covering of snow in the morning.


Despite the cold start, compared to the gloomy conditions most have


experienced in the past few days, a lot more sunshine around. But the


showers will keep going, still wintry across northern Scotland in


the morning, and the risk of some sleet, snow and hail in western


England. They could affect parts of eastern England as well, but for the


most part of the afternoon it is dry and sunny, but much colder than we


are used to. Further north we will see some hill snow quickly turning


to rain through the evening and first part of the night on Tuesday,


and rain will be the main feature is it pushes its ways southwards into


Wednesday. There will be some squally winds, gales elsewhere, and


cold air will surge its ways southwards behind the cold front.


Later these showers turn wintry once again. This low pressure moves down


through the North Sea, the wind switching to the north-east. The


winds remain quite strong and chilly, so the showers could still


be wintry in nature. Not really bringing a huge amount


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