20/11/2013 BBC Weather


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here, good night. Good evening. Mother nature through just about


every weather elements act as today, but unfortunately the sunnier


moments were very short lived. The winds peaked at 70 miles an hour on


the east coast of northern Ireland. There was heavy rain, hail and snow


on the hills. Tonight things are getting a bit quieter. Rain, sleet


and hill snow is pushing southward overnight. There will be a dusting


of snow on higher ground. The coldest conditions will be in


western Scotland and Northern Ireland. There is a chance of frost.


Where the ground is down in Scotland there is a chance of ice as well on


Thursday morning. But it is a dry and reasonably bright start. Eastern


Scotland will cling to the showers and they will continue through the


day with a strong north east wind pushing them in off the sea. There


will be showers in many parts of England and Wales. Whether you have


got the showers or not, it is going to feel very cold in the breeze. We


will seek areas holding onto the showers. The winds will remain


strong. Even though the temperatures are at the highest at eight, it will


probably feel colder. A few showers will continue into the evening, but


on Thursday night it is a bit quieter. The risk of ice to take us


into Friday. But the general story for the rest of the week is that


things are getting quieter. By the end of the weekend there will be


folk as well. On Friday most will have a dry day after a frosty start.


It could be quite a wet day in Kent and it is also staying windy. This


area of high pressure will put a cap on the atmosphere. Not a completely


sunny weekend, but a good deal dryer.


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