21/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. The chilly weather is here to stay for the time being.


Other than that, the weather will be fairly quiet, maybe some troublesome


mist and fog, but that is pretty much it. The stormy autumn weather


is across the Mediterranean. You may recall the storms we had in Sardinia


and that nasty area of weather is still there, producing snow across


the Alps. We are closer to the high pressure where the weather is much


quieter. No snow on the way, but it is going to be chilly, clear and


cold. Not everywhere will it be clear and cold. Across the North


East of England and towards the South East, it will be raining. For


most of us, however, we will have those clear spells. A widespread


frost on the way for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Temperatures will


dip away in rural spots. As far as the morning is concerned, there will


be mist and fog around, particularly across the Lowlands. Here, it is


minus 3 at 8.00am. To the south of that, we have got still - well, it


is not frosty, but it is cold enough. We still have those pesky


showers there on the Kent coast carried in by that cold breeze


coming in off the North Sea. So chilly anywhere. The further west


you, the lighter the winds will be, the more sunshine you will have and


the least cold it will feel. Once again, across the Lowlands, where


that fog persists, it could be around freezing. Tomorrow evening,


not much changes. Wrap up warmly. That area of high pressure is here


to stay through the weekend and into next week. You will notice the flow.


The winds are still around this high pressure here. The lighter winds


will be the further west you are across the UK, so that translates to


a lot of dry weather, light winds and chilly weather and that means


fog in the morning and freezing fog, so if you are an early morning


commuter, take it steady on the roads. Other than that, the weather


will be set fair. Jack Frost is around, but not everywhere.


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