22/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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12:15pm tomorrow afternoon on BBC One. Have a very good night.


Hello. The chances are you are nice and warm on your sofa, at the stars


are out and temperatures are dropping. Already missed an fog


forming. Normal, November whether when we had high pressure in charge


of the weather. It is not in any hurry to move. This is what the


high-pressure looks like from space. It is basically cloud swirling


around. Not wet, thin cloud most of it. It is being shunted in the


direction of the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the short term,


through tonight a lot of us having clear skies. The west of the country


where the winds are lighters, this is where we will seek mist and fog


forming. By the early hours of Saturday morning there could be


freezing fog in some areas. In the morning it will be chilly.


Especially in the lowlands, like yesterday. Cold for the North West


and the north-east of England as well. Cloud around, but it is broken


up. There will be some sunshine first thing in the morning. This is


9am. As far as the south-west of the country is concerned, South Midlands


and southern Wales, waking up with sunshine and the temperatures are


only a couple of degrees above freezing. Bigger cloud will be


across the more northern areas of the country. In the south-west, not


a bad day apart from a few nagging showers in the extreme south-east of


the country. Tomorrow night will be pretty much the same as we will have


tonight. Let's look at the forecast as we had into Sunday. Much the


same, spot the difference. This is the prevailing weather. There will


be some brightness coming through. Temperatures in single figures. We


could have fog and temperatures will be about freezing for the whole day.


This is the summary for the weekend. It will be a dry one. High-pressure


is over the UK into next week.


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