25/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. The quiet weather is here to stay for the next few days. Very


little change expected for tomorrow. Let's look at the outlook. It is


mostly dry. Not completely dry. Patti Frost and Fog. -- patchy. It


may turn fractionally miler as we turn into the middle part of the


week. These areas of high pressure can stick for a long time this high


pressure will shun some milder Atlantic air through the middle part


of the week. In the second part of the week we pick up a cold


north-westerly wind. In the short-term, we are thinking that for


a northern England through the Midlands into the south-west, there


will be clear skies tonight. That will allow the temperatures to dip a


to around freezing. Cold in rural spots. Patchy fog in places. In the


morning in Scotland, it starts off damp and relatively mild. Across the


border in England, it is not completely cloudy. Some breaks in


the cloud. It is fairly chilly. Through the course of the


afternoon, broadly speaking, the Clodius and the damp dust and the


breezy weather will be in the far north-west of the UK, the brighter


skies will be in the south of the country. Some of us will have bright


and sunny weather. A lot will have cloudy skies. It is quiet in the UK.


In the US there has been some very stormy weather. The lead up to


Thanksgiving. Winds affecting the eastern seaboard. The weather is


topsy-turvy in New York. Temperatures around one degree. Back


to the UK, on Wednesday, the high pressure is still here. There is the


little hint of a weather front. That will bring a bit of cloud and some


rain. On Wednesday there is the chance they may be milder air across


the UK. Essentially it will be cloudy. That's


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