26/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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In the short term, not much change in the weather. We might as be stuck


with what we have now, cloud and resort, but towards the end of the


week a bit more wind -- cloud and drizzle. For now, that's what we can


have through the course of the night, and tomorrow as well.


Extensive low, grey skies, mist, drizzle. All of the cloud across the


north of the UK sliding down the country through the course of the


evening. This is the satellite picture in the last few hours and it


is a warm front, and not bringing warm weather, just bringing warm air


that is slightly milder compared to what we have had, translating to


lots of cloud and drizzle. The temperatures will be higher, and


five degrees should cover it. The forecast tomorrow morning in the


rush hour, and from the tip of Cornwall to the tip of Kent cloudy,


drizzle from the Isle of Wight and through London, into Essex, all the


way into East Anglia, so East Anglia not going to feel pleasant at all.


Grey skies, damp, pretty cold as well. To the north of the country,


drizzle as well across western parts of Scotland and it will be a bit


drier towards the east. There is a little bit of sunshine on the way in


the forecast. Maybe towards the Eastern Pennines. A bit of


brightness from Lincolnshire to the north-east, and into Aberdeen and


five. Temperatures into double figures, around 10 degrees, but the


Southeast will stay grey and drizzly, particularly to the south


of London. Thursday, broadly speaking, pretty much the same, so


there will be a bit of light rain, temperatures hovering around eight


or 10 degrees. As we head into Thursday night, then Friday, this


area of low pressure comes in between Iceland and Norway. And it


will show some colder weather in our direction. Looking at the arrows,


not coming in from the Arctic, coming from the central north


Atlantic. Not very cold air, but colder, but not quite so cold to


give Snow or anything like that. Maybe the mountains of Scotland, and


also windy with gale force winds in northern


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