27/11/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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tomorrow morning in breakfast. From everyone here, that night. `` good


night. Good evening. There is a fair bit of


fog forming across the country tonight. A foggy evening across


northern parts. Tomorrow, it is going to be damp and chilly to


start. More of the same, pretty much. As far as the satellite


picture goes, you can just about pick out some breaks in the clouds


to the east of the Pennines. The reason I'm showing this to you is


because tomorrow the cloud cover will be similar. As far as the night


goes, the high pressure is still with us, and it will be stuck here


for 36 hours or so. By Friday, quite a big change to our weather, but for


the time being, it could be just about freezing in Scotland but for


most of us, six degrees first thing in the morning. The cloud will be


extensive on Thursday morning, across the south of the country the


suggestion of mist and fog. Cloud shrouding the mountaintops. For


Scotland, that looks as though the East of Scotland will start and


chilly. But here, we see the best of the weather. In eastern Scotland and


the Borders, this is where the best of the sunshine is going to be. The


sun could pop-out almost anywhere. But the broad message is that it


will be about the same. The change will finally coming on Thursday. It


is good by high for the time being. This low pressure coming in from


Iceland. Severe gales from the North in Scotland. Golden for wintry


showers on the hills. For most of us, blustery with sunshine. Feeling


cold in the wind. The weather across Europe is more or less the same. The


temperature in London, compare that with Rome and Madrid. Hovering


around seven to ten. The low pressure is rolling away, and


rolling back him. The high pressure is coming in. Friday, that windy day


will only be here for a short while. Saturday will be bright, a degrees


in Cardiff. And by the time we get to Sunday, it is back into


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